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We are milking Fanny and celebrating 15 years

Hello Everyone,
It’s been a while since we have communicated here.
A lot has happened on the farm and we keep evolving.
We have some good news to share: Fanny, the one milk cow we kept from our milking herd, finally freshened 2 weeks ago, and we are back to milking again.
We only have a limited quantity of milk, and are looking for weekly pick-ups of the surplus milk we don’t consume along with a cow share option for a day or 2 off of farm chores in exchange for milk and eggs.
Also, can you believe it’s been 15 years that we started? And we are celebrating in a big way. We are opening to the public and there is so much to see on the farm with all the changes we’ve gone through over the years. We would love to see you and catch up with you, and see those young kids how they have grown. We now have a granddaugther and our youngest started college. Time has just flown by.
Here is a link to our facebook event but you can also find it on our site: