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If you have a question that’s not answered here, please email grow@ranchoalegrefarm.com.

Here are some frequently asked questions:

And here are some answers:

Are there membership fees?

Rancho Alegre Farm has generously agreed to sponsor the Market. This includes the use of the Country Store for pickup and the cost it incurs. There is an annual membership fee of $25.00 due at the time of your 3rd order at the Market. This allows you to try the market twice before committing to a membership.

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Will I have to buy vegetables I don't want?

The Market is rather like a Farmers’ Market — but with the convenience of being on-line! If you order produce box’s those are predetermined and cannot be changed. Farmers will post any other produce that is fresh and available for Market pickup on Wednesday — with pictures, descriptions and quantities available. Simply add the item to your shopping cart and it will be added to your order!

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How do I order?

Each Thursday around noon, a list of available products, along with a weekly Weblog with current news about the Market and/or happenings at the Farm is sent to all of our registered customers via email.

Customers must place their order for the week no later than Monday 12:00 noon. Orders are placed at: gwinnett.locallygrown.net/market.

If you have questions, please email the market manager at grow@ranchoalegrefarm.com.

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When do I pay?

We accept credit/debit cards.

Please Note: A Credit Card fee of 3% of your order will be charged. This is the Merchant fee we are charged which we pass on to you to keep our costs as low as possible.

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When and Where do I pick up my order?

The Market is sponsored by Rancho Alegre Farm and pickup is from 4:00-7:00pm only, every Thursday.

Rancho Alegre Farm is located at 2255 Givens Road, Dacula, GA 30019.

Refunds are not available after ordering closes. If your order is not picked up it will be donated to someone in need.

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Why support Locally Grown?

Enhance your local economy: By purchasing produce and other items from local growers you are providing stability to your local economy through the support of local businesses.

Save natural resources: Buying locally makes you an invaluable link in the process of saving resources such as fossil fuels and packaging materials. Also, we are right here in your community so the expense of transportation and delivery is kept to a minimum.

Provide learning opportunities: Locally Grown supporters provide member growers the means to help educate our community about the importance of sustainable agriculture.

Supporting a way of life: The number of small farms in the United States has decreased dramatically in the last decade. Please help us preserve an honest and worthy means of making a living.

We believe that small, diverse, family-owned farms contribute to society’s overall health.

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How can I sell through this market?

If you’ve already created a customer account here, simply go to Our Growers and click on ‘Join this Market’. This will add you to our system and our market managers will contact you with the next step. Our market is indoors, offering customers a climatized environment. The fee of selling through market is 13% (10% to Rancho Alegre and 3% to the Locally Grown Network) of your overall sales. Like at a traditional farmer’s market, you do get to set your own prices and list your items as you wish. Contact us at grow@ranchoalegrefarm.com if you would like more information.

You should have a good understanding of how we work before you apply to be a grower. If you would like to see the market in operation before you sign up, contact us @ grow@ranchoalegrefarm.com to see when would be a good time to meet.

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Unsubscribing from GLG

Where do I go to unsubscribe?

Please send email to grow@ranchoalegrefarm.com. Put REMOVE ME in the subject line.

You will immediately be removed from the GLG email list. This is an automated and anonymous process. We are not contacted if you unsubscribe.

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