JavaGenesis Coffee Roasting


JavaGenesis Coffee Roasting is a small batch craft roaster of specialty coffee. bags of whole bean and ground coffee. We source our coffee from the major growing regions around the world. All of our coffee will be roasted within 24-48 ours of the market to ensure our product is at peak freshness when it is delivered to you. Choose the 2 ounce sample size or a full pound bag and ‘Discover the Fresh Roast Difference’.

In addition to producing awesome coffee, promoting responsible environmental and/or social stewardship is important to us. Because Georgia does not have the climate needed to grow coffee, we use 3 importers to source our green coffee. We select coffee from our importers that have been farmed using sustainable practices and when possible we buy shade grown and/or fair trade organic coffees. We roast on a Diedrich IR2.5 roaster which uses infrared burners, not open flame, atmospheric burners. IR burners produce substantially lower emissions than atmospheric burners. We are proud to roast our coffee on a ‘greener’ roaster. In addition we give all of our organic waste material (coffee chaff, coffee grounds, etc) to a local gardener to use in her garden.

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