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Link to Mother Earth Meats Form

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See you tomorrow at Market! Don’t forget to stop in and meet “The Roastin’ Fool”, Mr. David and taste a sample!

Joyful thoughts,


Breaking News!

Hot off the Press…

Mother Earth Meats will deliver to Rancho Alegre Farm on Saturday, January 26th. The deadline for orders is January 14th. Please use the following link to access the information sheet/order form:

Wilderness Family Naturals order minimum has been reached. The order will be placed Wednesday, January 9th. All orders and monies must be received prior to order being place. Please use the link to access the Product and Group Buy Price List: . Use this link to download the EXCEL Order form. If you have any questions, please contact Maryanne at

I am investigating having Produce Bins delivered to the Farm from Fresh Harvest. If we have a group, we will get a discount on the price of the bin. Please let me know if you are interested in this little gem! Email me at and put PRODUCE in the Subject line. I have an appointment to speak with them tomorrow and would like to give them some idea of our interest level. You can check out the website here:

Market pickup this week will be busy! We have a new vendor, David Huenergard, owner of The Roastin’ Fool in Lilburn. You will want to stop by and sample David’s organic, free trade coffee! The beans come from Dean’s Beans who procures them from co-op organic farmers. David uses his expertise to roast the beans to perfection and will now be offering his products to the folks of Gwinnett Locally Grown! Trust me, you do NOT want to miss the opportunity to taste this exceptional coffee!

Also available this week at Market pickup will be organic salts and spices. The blends are unique, fresh and totally awesome! Check them out!

Interested in Milk Kefir – contact Maryanne at or call her at 404-432-4337. You can pick up the product at Market pickup.

My passion is serving. I want to make 2013 a banner year for the Market by increasing the products that you – the customer want! Please let me know additional products you would like to see offered. Do you know a good vendor who would like to expand into our locally grown market? Let me know. I will contact them and if they come on board as a Grower for Gwinnett Locally Grown – you will be rewarded with a $10.00 credit good toward a purchase at the Market! Margaret Mills is the first recipient of the reward for bringing The Roastin’ Fool to Gwinnett Locally Grown! Congratulations Margaret and thank you!

Have a good Sunday evening – don’t forget to shop tonight!

Joyful thoughts,


Happy New Year

New Year Greetings to everyone!

I hope that you all had a wonderful holiday and time spent with friends and family enriched your hearts and souls! It has been an interesting year – and each time I see one of my Market folks I am reminded how blessed I am. Thank you all for your support!

I have a confession of sorts — I have been very ill with pneumonia the last 7 weeks. I am still struggling to get over it. I have admittedly done a less than stellar job keeping up with things; however, I did the best I could to accommodate your requests, whatever they have been. If I have missed something along the way, I apologize. Please let me know what it was and I will do my best to correct it.

One of the small pleasures that I enjoy is a good cup of coffee in the morning. Periodic ally I would tire of the coffee I was brewing and would go in search of yet another brand to try and for the past 6 months I have been ‘brand hopping’! In the hopes of finding a coffee that has that wonderful aroma, full bodied taste with a nice finish, I tried high end coffees, low end coffee and everything in between. Nothing really ‘hit the spot’ until someone gave me a pound of Dean’s Beans Coffee (an organic, free-trade coffee) roasted locally by David Huenergardt of Lilburn! And long story short – now I can share that perfect coffee with you! David will be at Market pickup this Tuesday with samples of his wonderful brew! Stop by and have a cup – there may be some treats to go with this outstanding coffee! David’s company is called “The Roasting Fool” and will be joining the Market!

Around Thanksgiving, I let everyone know that we would be ordering from Wilderness Family Naturals. Several people wanted coconut oil and 2 people wanted additional items. These items did not bring us to the minimum order needed to get the Group Buy discount. The order has not been placed. Please email at and I will send you the Product list and order form. If you completed an order form in November, it is not necessary to send another one. If you emailed me with your order or gave me your order verbally, please submit an order form. When I get the completed form, I will figure the shipping charges based on previous history of what we have been charged per item and email the total to you. There is an additional charge of $7.00 for the administrative fee. This is the money that is paid to me to handle the order from getting it from you through figuring the S and H, to placing the order, to tracking it, to being at the Farm to receive it, to unpacking it, checking it for accuracy and ‘filling” each individual order. I hope that we can put an order together quickly because I am in dire need of good quality coconut oil as well as some freeze-dried fruits! So, please check your pantries and get your order in asap!

Mother Earth Meats: Wow! I was fortunate enough to have one of their turkeys for Christmas and it was outstanding! I hope others who purchased turkey had a similar experience. Ours was truly exceptional! As soon as I get the next delivery date and deadline from Tracy, I will let you know! I believe that ordering will take place later this month with delivery scheduled for the first or second week in February. I am working with Tracy, looking at putting a new ordering system in place and will keep you informed about progress with that project also!

If there are other products/companies that you use and would like to see if we can work with the company to create a Group Buy opportunity, please send me the company name and website. Let me know the products you order from them and I will pass it on to the Group and gauge the interest. I will then contact the company and see what we can work out. A couple of companies that you may want to check out are;; Any other suggestions are more than welcome.

If you are in need of flours, alternative flours, grains, legumes or lentils, please email me your order or if you are placing an order for other Market items, put your order for those items in the Comment Section. Need Milk Kefir, please order that through the Comment Section also!

I am looking forward to the coming year and have many changes in the works for Gwinnett Locally Grown! May 2013 bring health, prosperity and much joy to all!

Now hop on over to the Market and go shopping! And don’t forget to stop by the Country Store and have a cup of coffee during Market pickup on Tuesday between 4:30 and 6:30pm.!

Joyful thoughts,


Market is Open

The Market is now open for ordering.

Gwinnett Locally Grown will be closed the week of Christmas and will re-open the following week. Pickup the following week will be Wednesday, January 2, 2013.

Wishing you all a blessed Christmas filled with His love and Light.

Joyful thoughts,

Welcome! The Market is Open

Greetings All:

The Market is now Open!

Notes and News

With the holidays just around the corner there are many things that we want to fit into our schedules. Most want to be sure they have some yummy homemade treats to offer family and friends. Perhaps you are having a Cookie Exchange at work or church! The smell of cookies in the oven is one of the ‘joys’ of the Christmas season for me. I have some wonderful recipes that I will be forwarding to you this weekend. If you have a special recipe that you would like to share, please send it to me at and I will post it in the recipe section on the Market!

Although we ordered cream months ago through another Farm, it has yet to be available. I was able to find good quality, raw cream from another source. It has been frozen; however, I purchased some this past week, thawed it and WOW – I was VERY pleased. For those who have already paid for cream, it will be available on Tuesday at Market pickup. If you haven’t ordered and would like to, please email me or call me. You can reach me at 404-432-4337 or

The delay in ordering from Wilderness Family Naturals is unfortunate however, necessary due to amounts below the minimum order amount to receive the Group Buy Discount. We now have the minimum and the order will be placed on Tuesday. I will email you with your total, including shipping and handling and all monies will be due by Tuesday.

Green Pasture Group Buys also require a minimum number of bottles ordered to get their discounted pricing. At present I have orders for 6 bottles. In order to accommodate those who need the product, I am investigating other avenues to get the product in as soon as possible. I would like to order product from them on a monthly basis to ensure that we all have sufficient supplies on hand and don’t run short. Vitamin D is essential for healthy minds and bodies — especially in the winter months when our exposure to sunlight is even more limited. Please contact me if you would like to order. You can reach me at 404-432-4337 or through email

Thank you all for your support. Have a wonderful weekend!

Joyful thoughts,


Market is Open


We have a new vendor this week! Legacy Alpaca Farm has joined us and are offering both raw fiber and yarn for your weaving needs. They also have Felted soap. Terrill will be at the Market pickup on Tuesday showcasing some of her great items! Please stop in and say “Welcome”!

I realize that everyone is busy concentrating on the upcoming holidays. Just a reminder that Wilderness Family Natural Order has not yet been sent because I do not have the minimum to qualify for a Group Buy. Please check your pantry – Coconut Oil, Coconut flakes, Nuts, Freeze-dried berries and fruits, Cacao Nibs or Powder, Flours, Grains, Sprouting Seeds – just some of the items available! Please email me with order or call if you have questions. 404-432-4337 or

Need Fermented Cod Liver Oil? Green Pasture now has the X-FACTOR Butter Oil in stock. I also need a minimum to order and get out Group Buy great discount.

Eggs will now be provided on a Pre-pay basis. In order to ensure that I have eggs available, I have contracted with 2 farmers who have free-range chickens and receive some natural feed. With knowing exactly how many dozen eggs I need to provide, the contracts will allow me to meet everyone’s needs for eggs. They are still $4.50 per dozen. Cash or checks only and checks should be made out to Maryanne Vaeth. Please use envelopes in Milk Barn for payment. Keep in mind that with the holidays you may need/want additional eggs for baking – please indicate on your envelope what week you think that you will want more eggs so I can plan and have them for you. Please return egg cartons weekly. I will do my best to have a few dozen eggs available through the Market each week!

Pilar was kind to handle the Market pickup for me this past week – and I thank her for her time and care! I am down with pneumonia – recovering! So, I hope to see you all this Tuesday! Thank you for your continued support — it is appreciated and I enjoy serving you all! Have a wonderful week-end!

Now, hop on over to the Market and SHOP!

Joyful thoughts,

Reminder -- Market is Open

Hope you all had a wonderful Holiday! Just a reminder that Gwinnett Locally Grown Market is open for orders!

Check out one of our new vendors – Orobianco. Maria’s company offers cheese in the Mozzarella family! Very delicious!

Wilderness Family Naturals order goes in this week if there is enough interest. Please email Maryanne at for product/price list and order form.

Green Pasture finally has the XFactor Butter Oil in stock. Order will be placed Tuesday morning. Call Maryanne at 404-432-4337 if you need any products from Green Pasture.

Eggs can now be ordered directly from Maryanne on a Pre-paid system rather like a CSA. We have adopted this model to ensure that we can all get the farm-fresh, pastured eggs that we want over the winter.

Have a wonderful Sunday!

Joyful thoughts,

Greetings! Black Friday Specials ???


I hope that everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving with friends and family. Today is “Black Friday” – some are rushing around to find the best deals on everything from electronics to toys to Christmas decorations! The Market doesn’t have any Black Friday specials – we just have good deals on nutrient dense foods all the time! So hop on over and see what yummy items you would like to order this week!

A couple of NOTES:

This is the last call for ordering for Wilderness Family Naturals. I would like to get this order in; however, I do not have the minimum required to get our Group Buy rate. If you would like to order, please contact me at or call me at 404-432-4337 and I will send you the product price list and order form!

This is also last call for Green Pasture orders! This order will go in on Tuesday. Please let me know if you need Fermented Cod Liver Oil!

Effective December 1 EGGS will be available via a Pre-pay system similar to the pre-pay milk system at Rancho Alegre Farm. To ensure that I am able to provide eggs for milk customers as well as Market customers, I have contracted with 2 local farmers whose chickens are free range and given natural, non-medicated feed as a supplement to the worms, bugs and other chicken delicacies they love to eat. During the winter the chickens slack off in laying, predators are hungry and those 2 things play havoc with the ability to get eggs for all who want them. Between the two Farmers, I believe that I will be able to keep our supply of eggs steady and we all can have the protein rich food source we love for breakfast as well as for baking and other recipes. I will still have eggs available through the Market; however quantities will vary from week to week. Please email me at or let me know when you come to Market! One of the Farmers that I am contracting with is getting a new flock of hens in January and is considering using feed which is SOY FREE. As soon as I know that option is available, I will let you know. Please know that Soy Free eggs when (and if) they become available will be priced about $7.00 per dozen.

Mary from Patchwork Pasture does have grains available; however, she has not yet listed them on the Market. If you would like grains and that is all that you are ordering, please email me at If you are ordering other items, please put your grain order in the comment section.

Have a wonderful weekend and I will see you at Market pickup on Tuesday!

Joyful thoughts!


WOW! November Flies By....

Greetings All!
How in the world did it get to be Thanksgiving already? It certainly has snuck up on me! I am glad I remembered to order my fresh Turkey from Mother Earth Meats! Delivery is tomorrow, Saturday, November 17! The time frame has yet to be determined, but I look for him sometime in the mid-afternoon. For those of you who did order – know that as soon as I have final totals for your orders and arrival time I will be sending an email – expect communication this evening!

This past week, we added a new vendor, Miss Kathleen at Kate’s Pastries. She brought some samples last week and boy were they YUMMY! Kathleen bakes Gluten Free! Wow, her Chocolate Chip cookies blew me away! Chocolate Chip cookies are my absolute favorite cookie and one of the things that I miss most in my Gluten Free Diet. The several attempts which I made with cookies – Dudley wouldn’t eat – and he eats ANYTHING! (Dudley is my 6 year old Black Lab mix) Miss Kathleen’s Chocolate Chip cookies are now my FAVORITE thing! I was also lucky enough to try her Banana Nut Muffins as well as her Sweet Potato Muffins and her Pumpkin Muffins! If she had not told me they were gluten free, I would not have known! Pick up some Pumpkin Muffins to serve with coffee or tea on Thanksgiving morning – or the day after!

The garden at Rancho Alegre Farm is sprouting all kinds of things! Take a walk back and see what RaShauld has created! He has assured me that we will start enjoying the harvest in about 3 weeks time! He is also working with Pilar to make Compost and Worms available for our gardeners!

Whether you spend Thanksgiving with friends or family or take the day just for reflection, I wish you all a very Happy Thanksgiving. Gratitude is an attitude – one that changes us for the better the more we practice it! I thank you all for your ongoing support of me and of the Market. Please know that you are in my everyday prayers of gratitude as you will be on Thanksgiving. God Bless.

Joyful thoughts,


The Market is Open!

Greetings All:

Wilderness Family Naturals: Order will be made this week! Check out their website at and contact for Group Buy Price List! After much research, this is where we get our Coconut Oil! Stock your pantry for the holidays!

The new Farmer at Rancho Alegre Farm, RaShauld Mincey has totally re-built our Garden! The winter veggies are planted and doing well! Soon he will offer his bountiful harvest at Market! In the meantime, Farmer Brown supplies us with the greens he has planted for the winter season. Check out his offering’s under Veggies! When you pickup at Market, walk around to the back of the house and see the beautiful new garden!

Columbina, the newest addition at Rancho Alegre Farm is thriving! Look for her when you come to the Farm! She is a “cutie” and has already had a misadventure! She managed to sneak out of the property and spent one night “on the lam”! But not to worry, she was found very early the next morning, a little weary, but none the worse for wear! She now sticks pretty close to Momma and the other Ladies!

Thank you all for your support!
Joyful thoughts,