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Grower: Eat Well With Wilson
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HAVE YOUR EATING HABITS GONE TO THE DOGS? Wilson has a problem: he loves treats. In fact, all the ice cream, hot dogs, soda, and candy he has been eating has made him feel irritable, tired, and just downright crummy. He has become a "grouch on the couch." His mom notices this change in his mood and health, and she decides to take him to the vet. There, Wilson gets a thorough education in nutrition, thrilling lessons in what foods will make him feel good and what foods he should limit.?? ?????Come with Wilson as he learns to maintain a healthy and balanced diet. There are no lectures or boring homework assignments at Doc Matthews's office. Instead, Doc and Wilson's new friend, Sprout the Carrot, guide Wilson and his mom on a journey through the singing food groups where they learn all about healthy food choices. They also learn what ingredients to watch out for and how to shop for healthy foods. Read what happens in Wilson Tries New Foods, and soon you'll discover, like Wilson, how to run faster, jump higher, and learn new tricks! Ashley Stewart lives in Flowery Branch, Georgia, with her husband Jay and three children, Hadyn, Maddie and Jack. Also living with them is the family cat, Howie, and, of course, their dog Wilson. Ashley graduated from Auburn University in 2000 with a BS in nutrition and food science. She is a registered dietitian and certified diabetes educator. Ashley enjoys teaching her family and patients about the importance of proper nutrition in achieving a healthy lifestyle. As a mother, she understands the struggle parents face trying to get their children to eat a healthy diet and try new foods.